Inna Popko, MA, CADC

Inna Popko earned her Master’s degree in Psychology from the International University of Human Development in Ukraine. Early in her career, she served clients in Ukraine as a women’s health Nurse (OB/GYN and OR) and Mental Health Counselor in a regional municipal hospital. After coming to the United States, she broadened her knowledge of mental health management through the Oakton Community College in Des Plaines, IL and subsequently gained counseling certifications aspects of treating domestic violence, alcohol and drug abuse addiction.

Inna’s experience encompasses assignments in crisis counseling for a non-profit social service agency, serving as substance abuse counselor providing DUI evaluations, conducting group classes, and assessing risk. She has also served as Case Manager for specialty mental health (SMH) issues in an award winning health system, and empowered teen girls through the non-profit, Ready Set Girls Academy (RSGA) program.

Using an eclectic psychotherapy approach to address unique client needs (children, teens, and adults), Inna helps clients and their family members overcome impulsive, self-destructive behaviors. Her strategies enable people to better manage anger, cope with depression and anxiety, overcome addiction, promote personal growth, and exude higher levels of self-esteem while living happier, more successful lives.

Inna integrates cultural fluency, her diverse understanding of cultural intelligence and interpersonal communications skills in Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, and English languages to conquer barriers associated with cross-cultural differences. She enjoys working with clients of all ages and diverse backgrounds, developing meaningful relationships through collaboration, and encouraging individual success through Progressive Psychological Healthcare.

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