Itaf Elkhateeb, PhD

Postdoctoral studies, UMB University, Boston
Ph.D, Nottingham University, UK

Languages Spoken:
English and Arabic

Client Focus:
Children (ages 9 to 17)
Adults (ages 18+)

Individual therapy
Couples therapy
Family therapy

I am a doctoral clinician from UMB university, Boston. My postdoctoral studies focused on women’s mental health and
disabilities issues.

My doctorate degree in Health Psychology focused on the psychological and spiritual approach of health. My MA in
community mental health and disability studies focused on community and social approach to deal with mental health
and disability issues influencing individual, family, and group. For over 20 years, I have worked in clinical settings with diverse population as a mental health provider, a clinical supervisor for MA, and BS students, and a trainer for
psychologists, and social workers with many universities and international organizations.

Areas of Special Interest:
Women’s health issues:
 Body image over/under weight issues
 Nutritional concerns in pregnancy
 Reproductive and sexual health issues,
 Infertility issues
 Adaptation to pregnancy
 Postpartum depression / postpartum challenges
 Dealing with menopause challenges
 Dealing with aging process, health concerns and
Parent coaching / parental concerns/ challenges:
 Growth and development issues,
 Newborn baby care, preschool, school, and adolescence

 Behavioral concerns in children (externalizing
 Children with disabilities
Family/Couples conflict and relationship issues
 Family conflicts (past or current),
Increasing hope and promoting life
Adaptation to college stressors
 Choosing college for high school students
 Adaptation to college life
 Dealing with study stress and organizing time
Career coaching
 How to deal with work stressors/ challenges
 How to develop work experience after college
 How to develop efficient resume/ CV
 How to apply for jobs
 How to manage your relationship’s stressors with your
manager and colleagues
Grief and loss
 Terminal illness (for client or for loved ones of individuals
with terminal illness).

Medically complex/ chronic illness challenges/ stressors

Dealing with Physical disabilities and/or limitations
DCF involvement stress/ challenges
Clients who are adopted and their families
Other Mental health issues:
ADHD, Anxiety, Aging, Behavioral concerns in children
(externalizing behaviors), Bipolar disorders, Cultural identity,
Chronic pain / pain management, Depression, Domestic
violence victims and witnesses, Eating and feeding disorders,
Family conflicts (past or current), Foster care, Obsessive-
Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Racial identity, Somatic symptom
disorders, Trauma and stress-related disorders, Workplace
challenges / harassment, Victims of sexual violence or of
sexual exploitation

Types of Therapy:
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral
Therapy (DBT), Psychotherapy, Positive psychology, Internal
Family Systems (IFS), Couple therapy, Motivational
interviewing, Play therapy, Trauma-focused (CBT or general),
Health at every size (HAES)

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