Judy Lucas, LCPC, CADC

Judy received her undergraduate degree at Loyola University of Chicago and her Master’s degree in counseling from Argosy University. Judy is a licensed clinical professional counselor (LCPC) and also is a certified as a drug and alcohol counselor (CADC).

Judy has experience working at a community mental health
agency, in private practice and most recently running an intensive outpatient program at Northwest Community Hospital. Additionally, Judy has studied and conducted mindfulness groups, and facilitated grief groups, healthy relationship groups, wellness and stress reduction groups, and depression and anxiety groups.

Judy’s approach to therapy involves engaging with clients in a warm,
compassionate and non-judgmental manner. Judy will work with clients to
develop an individualized treatment plan that addresses the concerns that
brought them into therapy. Clients will learn coping strategies to effectively
manage stress and better tolerate distressing emotions. Judy frequently
incorporates mindfulness into her work with clients, so they can stay more in the here and now, rather than in the future where anxiety flourishes or in the past where depression, guilt and regret often linger.

“When we talk about our feelings, they become less overwhelming, less
upsetting, and less scary.”   Fred Rogers

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