Family Therapy

Progressive Psychological Healthcare views family as a unique social system, with its own unique structures, boundaries, rules, communication styles, beliefs, values, and personality. All these variables along with outside factors such as environmental stressors, influence of the extended family and individual differences may cause a lot conflict within the family system. Family therapy is a form of therapy that is designed specifically to address issues within the family circle, improve communication among family members and resolve conflicts. Family therapy may involve all family members or just members that are available and willing to participate. From a family systems model, any change in one member of the family affects both the family as a system as well as all other family members individually.

Your family treatment plan will depend on the presenting issues and your family’s unique situation. In general, family therapy involves the following:

-Educates the family about their unique system and how it functions.

-Helps identify specific conflict areas and high anxiety points and helps the family develop strategies to resolve them

-Encompasses the needs of each member of the family and considers other key systems or relationships that are affecting the family system and/or the individual family member.

-Recognize, reinforce, and build on family members strengths.

-Educate and provide specific tools for all family members to use during high conflict situations

-Provide a safe and nurturing environment where family members have the opportunity to talk together or individually about distressing issues.

-Guided communication allows for openness and safety, respect for individual experiences, engagement and support for recovery.

-Re-organize the family system by changing their conflict cycle and communication styles to introduce a healthier system and way of being within the family.

The number of sessions required varies, depending on the severity of the issues and the willingness of the members to participate in various assignments and tasks delegated by the therapist. Progressive Psychological Healthcare aims to be sensitive to diverse family forms and structures, relationships, beliefs and cultures.

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