Parent Consultation and Coaching

Parenting is challenging on a daily basis. The stress and pressure you experience as a parent may lead to a variety of negative symptoms including anxiety, depression, emotional outbursts, a lack of patience, distress and poor problem solving skills. All these symptoms may feel uncontrollable and may sway you away from the best version of you.

  • Do you find yourself frequently frustrated with your children?
  • Do you question your parenting decisions?
  • Do you constantly engage in arguments with your partner about your children?
  • Do you feel a lack of energy and ability to take care of yourself?

No, you are not a bad parent!

Allow us to help you feel supported and empowered as a parent.

Parent coaching and consulting will allow you to:

  • Feel greater confidence as a parent and an individual
  • Give you the confidence and courage to discipline in a way that supports your child’s individualized needs
  • Understand the ongoing parenting challenges and resolve the issues
  • Develop tools for yourself and your partner in order to increase communication and encourage positive and healthy co-parenting
  • Gain insight into your emotions and how they drive your behavior that helps establish your personalized parenting style
  • Find pleasure again in the parenting journey

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