Amanda LaBonar, BA, RYT-200


Amanda completed her undergraduate studies at Marquette University and is a graduate student of the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program at Adler University. She has been a 200-hour certified yoga teacher since 2018.

Before joining Progressive Psychological Healthcare, Amanda worked in advertising and marketing for 16 years, where she thrived in navigating complex team dynamics and advocating for team members. For the past two years, she led diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives to impact employees’ work experiences, shift corporate behaviors, and promote the creation of psychological safe spaces for employees from historically underrepresented communities. She facilitated and attended several workshops on increasing cultural awareness across all levels of the corporate environment and promoting mental health wellness.

Amanda has also volunteered at The Safe Haven Network since 2020, providing training on the link between domestic violence and animal abuse as a way to help more people, their children, and their pets escape dangerous environments. Amanda is passionate about helping individuals on their healing journeys find their voice and develop coping strategies to navigate life’s challenges.

Therapy Approach

Amanda works from a trauma-informed, supportive, and collaborative therapeutic approach integrating talk therapy with somatic experiences to address the mind-body connection. She focuses on entering the client’s inner world to better understand their unique individuality, environment, and situations. She believes trauma, anything that exceeds an individual’s ability to cope, is at the heart of many struggles. She feels passionate about helping clients recognize and overcome trauma, and utilizing evidence-based interventions to aid clients towards optimized well-being. She looks forward to walking beside you on your healing journey.


Trauma, substance use, mood disorders, eating disorders, emotion regulation/expression, life transitions, coping skills, grief, chronic illness, self-awareness, self-esteem, mindfulness, domestic violence

Currently working with: Adolescents, emerging adults, adults, LGBTQ+ community

Theoretical Lens: Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance-Commitment Therapy (ACT), Mind-Body Awareness, Person-Centered

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