Maria Shenkman, LCPC


Maria is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor. Maria also received her certification in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (C-DBT). She completed her undergraduate studies in Applied Behavioral Sciences at the National Louis University and completed her Master’s in Clinical Psychology at the Illinois School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University. Her multicultural background and passion for integral psychology allows her to incorporate progressive methods that are tailored to meet the needs of clients from diverse backgrounds. Maria is bilingual and provides therapy in English and Russian.

Clinical Experience

Maria has worked in a variety of professional settings, providing therapeutic services in community outreach centers, schools, nonprofit organizations, executive counseling settings as well as private practice. Maria’s clinical focus includes emerging adults, children, adolescents and families; recently her clinical focus has been expanding to working more with adults/professionals. Maria believes in creating a supportive environment, bringing innovative solutions and providing practical feedback to meet the unique needs of clients in individual and group settings. Her approach focuses on expanding self-awareness and facilitating change when working with depression, anxiety, family conflict, identity formation, transitional stages and multicultural issues. She incorporates evidence based mindfulness practices as well as mainstream psychotherapy approaches. Additionally, she utilizes an experiential Game Consulting method. Her interest in this method evolved once it became evident that the game process helps build rapport quickly, takes away the limitations of real life and can help see much broader and think more freely.

Therapy Approach

Maria focuses on providing a supportive environment to explore any concerns a client may bring. How people perceive their reality, react, form their values and beliefs, and ultimately address life challenges all depends on how well they know themselves. The methods she uses in her work are directed towards helping clients learn to understand themselves comprehensively and lead more functional, conscious and productive lives. She implements an eclectic therapeutic style that utilizes a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness based treatment, and emotion focused therapy. Her attention also falls on choices clients make in different aspects of their lives and whether it helps or limits their change process. She believes that the change is possible for every client and incorporates individualized treatment method addressing the unique needs of each client. Maria truly enjoys helping clients that present with depression, stress related issues, anxiety, trauma, behavioral problems, relationship issues and parental difficulties. Her mission is to empower individuals to discover their values and build skills and confidence that will aid them in creating a positive trajectory for change.

Maria also incorporates experiential Game Consulting format, a developing method widely used in Europe. Game consulting is an innovative method of addressing a great variety of client’s needs ranging from resolving personal issues and improving relationships to determining a career path and effectively addressing life challenges

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