Erich Perfetti, BS

Hello! My name is Erich Perfetti and I am currently a Masters-level intern. My mission as
a clinician is to help you find balance and gain skills and tools needed to conquer
anxiety, depression, trauma, mood swings, or whatever else life throws in front of you. I
specialize in techniques that aim to bring peace and resilience to your body and mind,
ultimately aiming to tackle the root issues that affect everyday life. I am eclectic in my
approach integrating Emotion-Focused, Gestalt, Somatic, Client-Centered therapeutic
approaches to name a few.

Drawing from the latest research in psychology and mindfulness, I am going to work
towards helping you tap into your inner strength. With an emphasis on real-world
strategies, I can guide you in developing skills that make a difference in your day-to-day
life. I cannot make life easier, but I hope I can help you grow to face the challenges

I hold a space where you’re heard without judgment, where you can explore your
feelings and build resilience. That’s exactly what I offer in the space with you—an
environment where we can work towards gaining a deeper understanding of yourself
and the reasons behind your struggles while working towards finding lasting solutions.
By combining practical wisdom with modern psychology, I’ve developed unique
methods that help you navigate life’s ups and downs with confidence.

If it feels like we could be a good fit, or you’re interested in giving therapy a try feel free
to schedule an appointment. Looking forward to working together and wishing you the
best of luck on your path.

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