Victoriya Tsaran, Psy.D


Dr. Victoriya Tsaran completed her undergraduate studies in Psychology at Loyola University, and completed  both her Master’s and Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology in Schaumburg. Currently, Dr. Victoriya Tsaran is the owner and clinical director at Progressive Psychological Healthcare. Dr. Tsaran’s multicultural background allows her to utilize the awareness and understanding of diverse client needs, and utilizes multicultural sensitivity and appreciation in her therapuetic approach. Dr. Victoriya Tsaran provides therapy services in both English and Russian.


Dr. Victoriya Tsaran has worked in a wide range of professional settings, including behavioral health hospitals, community mental health centers, skilled nursing facilities and medical rehabilitation centers providing mental health services. In addition, Dr. Tsaran has worked in school settings as well as therapeutic schools and private group practices. Dr. Tsaran’s clinical experience includes working with hundreds of unique, complex and diverse clients. She believes that the client’s success is born out of a trusting and supportive relationship that the client and therapist build together. This is not an easy task since many components play a role in the type of relationship that is allowed to be developed in the therapeutic relationship. The relationships that Dr. Tsaran has developed with her clients and patients was based on her ability to empathize with their developmental needs and understand their unique environment, their perspective of the world around them, and the way they view themselves and others while maintaining healthy professional boundaries. Providing a safe and nurturing environment that encourages a trusting relationship is the goal Dr. Tsaran has for her clients, especially during the early stages of therapy.

Therapy Approach

Dr. Tsaran’s clinical work revolves around being supportive, flexible, and progressive. Dr. Tsaran approaches her patients and their problems from an individualized perspective and utilizes an individualized treatment plan that is tailored specifically to her patient’s individual and unique needs. Over the years, Dr. Tsaran has developed an eclectic perspective to therapy and utilizes a unique combination of psychotherapy, mind-body awareness, family systems therapy, emotion focused therapy and cognitive behavioral techniques. Her wide range of knowledge and competency in various psychological theories allows Dr. Tsaran to be flexible in her individualized treatment approach with every client.

Dr. Tsaran’s areas of specialty include: working with children, young adults, adults, families and couples therapy. She is experienced in treating various clinical presentations including depression, anxiety, mood disorders, trauma, adjustment disorders, behavioral problems, relationship conflict and parenting stress.

“I aim to revive my patients from the current positions in their lives and help bring in the much needed harmony and infused positivity that will allow my clients to progress in their minds, their mental health and their overall life.”

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