Individual Therapy

Individual therapy allows the client to address a variety of concerns and difficulties that they are currently experiencing or have experienced in the past. The traditional talk therapy technique is combined with evidenced based practice and the use of latest research and techniques that are currently available in the field of psychology in order to help clients progress to a better state of well-being.

An individualized therapeutic technique, plan, and approach is developed for each individual client or family through a comprehensive system that involves initial interviewing, consultation, collaboration and relationship development. An individualized treatment approach is essential because it informs clients about the goals, type of service and service intensity that will be addressed and experienced during therapy. The individualized treatment plan will be developed together with the client in order to assure understanding, compliance and encourage progress. The therapy experience is based on the collaborative relationship between the therapist and the client and this type of relationship encourages open communication, flexibility and continued review and modification of individualized goals and treatment.

Progressive Psychological Healthcare encourages progress of individuals and families through continued progressive treatments and techniques. Constant modifying of our treatment plans allows for the most successful individual change to occur because we provide our clients with the room to progress and change. Interested about what your individualized treatment plan would look like? Call us today for a consultation.

Our clinical team brings in a wealth of experience working with individuals, families, couples and groups that are presenting with a variety of diagnosis, issues and difficulties.

Specialties Include:

-Culturally diverse clients and families
-Blended and Step Families
-Couple and Marital Conflict and Communication
-Family Therapy
-Parental Coaching
-Adjustment Issues and Life Stressors
-Adoption in Families
-Neurodevelopmental Disorders
-Autism Spectrum
-Adolescent Issues
-Mood Disorders
-School Conflict (Refusal/Anxiety)
-Panic Disorders
-Individualized Education Planning and Coordinating


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