Canaan Stravato, BA

Clinical Intern

Canaan Stravato (they/them) earned their bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a focus in Applied Behavioral Analysis from Florida International University in 2019. Currently, Canaan is completing their master’s degree in Counseling Psychology at Northwestern University. Prior
to their practicum at Progressive Psychological Healthcare, Canaan developed professional experience both as a registered behavioral technician working with children and young adults on the autism spectrum and as a certified family care counselor under the Florida Department
of Children and Families. Their professional experiences have developed skills in behavior modification, trauma-informed care, and crisis intervention training. During their undergraduate education at Florida International, Canaan took part in psychological research in partnership with the Miami-Dade Police Department to better develop the quality of non-adversarial questioning and interrogation tactics.

Therapeutic Approach
Canaan has theoretical roots in psychodynamic theory while reaching from many perspectives
for an integrative modality. Their focus is on identifying subconscious themes and behavioral
patterns and working in partnership with their clients to better understand those patterns’
formation. Canaan has great respect for the power of the therapeutic alliance and a paramount
goal to promote the self-awareness and self-reflection of a client’s lived experience in the safe
space provided by that relationship.

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