Brianna Weiss, MA


Brianna received her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Clemson University and is now a third-year student at Adler University working towards her doctorate in Clinical Psychology. Brianna has experience in various settings in the mental health field, such as in hospitals, both general and psychiatric, and community health agencies. As such, she has worked with individuals of diverse backgrounds and ages, from young childhood to older adult. Brianna obtains a long-standing passion for working with children and adolescents since being a camp counselor and interning with the Child Life Department at Greenville Memorial Hospital. However, since accruing experience in mental health, she has recently found enjoyment in working with young adults and adults as well. Through her externships, Brianna has been given the opportunity to support those that struggle with depression, anxiety, trauma, and addiction, among several other complex issues with behavior and mood management.

Therapy Approach

Brianna utilizes an integrative approach to therapy, pulling strategies from multiple psychotherapy methods, such as strengths-based, humanistic, and dialectical behavioral therapies, to best suit each individual and their unique needs and goals. She believes there is great power in working collaboratively, highly valuing the client’s autonomy in their care. Brianna seeks to provide a safe, comfortable space for all clients that encourages healing, growth, and empowerment. Brianna understands people as being heavily impacted by the system that surrounds them, such as relationships, environment, and culture. With this, she moves to understand her client’s system and how it contributes to their past, present, and anticipated future. She enters each therapeutic environment with humility, sensitivity, and compassion for each individual’s personal identities and experiences and is dedicated to assisting the client in pursuing their greatest selves.

Theoretical Lens: Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Humanistic-Existentialism (H-E), Person-Centered, Solution Focused, Systems Theory

Working With: Children/adolescents, young adults, adults

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