Paul Robb, Psy.D, MSCP

Paul Robb completed his Doctor of Psychology Degree in Clinical Psychology at Forest Institute of Professional Psychology in Springfield
MO and his Postdoctural Master of Science in Clinical Psychopharmacology Degree at Fairleigh Dickinson University in Teaneck NJ. He has completed a Telepsychology Competencies
Credential, Biofeedback Certification and Internal Behavioral Health Consultant Certification. He has received training in Acceptance and
Commitment Therapy, Flexible Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), CBT for Pain, Psychological Pain Management, Mindfulness, Substance Abuse and Rehabilitation, Deployment Psychology and Structural Family Therapy.

Dr. Robb has been a contract psychologist for the Navy for the past ten
years treating active du ty military, retired military and military
dependents in pain management, internal medicine, and substance
abuse and rehabilitation. Prior to working for the Navy he was an
outpatient clinical psychologist for a large psychiatric practice for over
ten years treating a wide variety of patients including teens, adults,
couples and older patients with disorders including depression, anxiety,
bipolar disorder, PTSD and marital conflicts. He used a variety of
evidence-based treatment modalities which were applied based on
individual needs. He spent three years at Saba University School of
Medicine as the head of the Behavioral Medicine Department and
associate professor of Medical Psychology and Medical Ethics. He had

his own private practice for ten years after receiving his doctoral
degree and was a medical psychotherapist for ten years while attending
graduate school.

Dr. Robb develops a working alliance with each individual based upon
their needs and perspectives of their individual problems. He utilizes
appropriate evidence-based treatment modalities which are acceptable
and helpful based in the individual’s uniqueness. The goal of treatment
beyond addressing signs and symptoms is to help each individual to
move toward fulfilling their goals in life.

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