Picture of the Future

As Einstein said, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result, is called insanity.

You may have tried many times to lead a healthy lifestyle or change a defective habit, but your attempts didn’t go far. It’s possible that you truly never saw your healthy self in that future, doing what’s needed. You could have kept trying the same methods without regard to different possibilities because it just never occurred to you that you are capable of doing it differently. That’s when your default future was created.

I have several questions for you. Try to answer them before going further.

What’s your picture of the future?

How do you envision it?

What is your place in it?

Are you the same person or do you differ from your current self somehow?

Does it align with your dream life or are they two separate entities?

You may think of these questions as irrelevant and not related to your current situation. However, without answers to them, you can’t move forward and expect a particular result.

Don’t let the past define the future, use it as a learning experience, not as a measure of what’s to come. When I realized that no matter how I picture my future if I don’t change the way I see myself in it, I will keep crashing into my default view of it while my dreams will be somewhere else on a side. Once your picture of yourself changes to reflect many possibilities of what can be, you can start changing your default future, and your actions will align with it.

When our perception shifts, behavior follows. As I was creating a new vision of myself, I started doing what was needed to go along with that vision. Things began happening almost automatically, new circumstances began to unfold, new people and opportunities came about. Your mind miraculously creates the reality you truly believe in.

What can you do to rewrite your future?

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